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Being Ugly Together

...because ugly people need love too.

DAMN! You Sure Is Ugly!
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Anybody , Moderated
Are you so ugly that you have to go to Statesville to get laid?

Do the packs of feral dogs roaming Chicago cringe and whimper when they see you coming?

Do the retards crowded at the Brown Line doors actually move to the center of the car when they see you coming?

Then, my homely friend...this is the place for you. We uglies have a societal duty to hide our repugnant selves from our prettier brethren, but hey, we need love too, even if it's from other ugly people.

Since we're ugly, this isn't a picky community. Beggars can't be choosy! But please make sure to complete this questionnaire for your first post.

1. As an ugly person, you probably drink a lot to ease the pain of being a pariah and generally uglying Chicago all up. What is your favorite (dimly-lit) bar to get rejected in?

2. Since you're ugly, you probably can't get any without paying for it. Where's the best place to pick up unparticular, bargain-priced whores?

3. Kindly post a picture of yourself. If you're too repulsive, you may opt to include an exhaustive (and colorful!) physical description instead, detailing skin maladies, dental problems, hygiene issues, etc.

Once you post, you'll be stamped as ugly, plug-ugly, fugly, or ugly-ugly, and then you can vote on subsequent applicants.