Ferret Herder (ferret_herder) wrote in chicago_fugly,
Ferret Herder

Bad weather, ugly fashion

It's Chicago, it's cold, so we ugly folks get to cover up (outside at least) for now. Bulky sweaters indoors help hide that potbelly too.

But even though I can't say I'm anywhere near fashionable, I try to at least not frighten the children. It doesn't seem to work though. My lovely red wool peacoat attracts fuzz, lint, and the hair I shed in frightening quantities. Ditto for my nice black wool scarf, which looked new for about 2 days and now looks like I took it out of a Goodwill donation bin. For the colder temps, my down parka isn't too laughable, but now desperately needs to be washed, and I can't find the tennis balls that I'm supposed to tumble dry the parka with so that it fluffs up and the down spreads out evenly.

Plus apparently even though dark brown pants are the hip thing this season, they have fled the stores after New Year's, to be replaced with pastels. It's not time to be dressing for spring yet, dammit! Chicagoans get about one month of spring-like weather (mid-May through mid-June) and then it's all hot and yucky out.

I can't even find my bright blue rubber "duck" boots, but due to a lack of slush, that's not an issue - yet.

Add your ugly Chicago "fashion" tales please.
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